Satan came to God and said that he is bored and he will start Armageddon because he wants to finaly rule in heaven. So God says to Satan:
– We’ll settle this in other way. You will compete with Jesus in programming contest. The one that writes better code in one hour will win.
– Ok.
So the contest began. Satan writes very quickly and so does Jesus. Just three minutes before the deadline there is a power shut down. After three minutes comes God and says:
– Show me what you have done.
And Satan start to complain:
– There was a power brakedown, I couldn’t finish my graphic interface so I have only simple text version with no graphics. Everything was ruined by this power loss – I had to start from the begining.
When it comes Jesus’ turn Satan is astonished. Cool graphic interface, animated menus and even 3d animations!
– How? It’s impossible! – Satan shrieks with dissbelief – how did you do it???
And God says calmly:
– Jesus saves.

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